The key success factors, by Frédérique Jeske


“I could talk about the ability to define a specific project, the perfect knowledge of its market, to be able to have the right businness plan, and above all to have a coherent funding. But I want to insist on the person, on the entrepreneur, on his passion. He must have confidence, believe in his project, remain pragmatic, dare to take risks, give priority to audacity and ambition, and above all not to remain alone, to be accompanied.”

Frédérique Jeske, General Director of Réseau Entreprendre.




You’re starting up a business and have lots of questions ?

How do I build a business plan?
Is my startup’s financial model good enough?
Is the elevator pitch in my business presentation convincing enough?

For a successful startup, nothing is more effective than talking to your peers, with entrepreneurs who speak your language and can share their experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Réseau Entreprendre is a community composed of a wide variety of entrepreneurs from our economic landscape (industrial, technological, innovative, social, service, and other companies). The volunteer members of Réseau Entreprendre are committed to helping you succeed in starting up or relaunching your business, and make it grow.

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