A Réseau Entreprendre honour-loan can help you financially.

To finance business startups and business growth, Réseau Entreprendre grants honour-loans to the entrepreneurs that it supports and has a network of major partners (banks and crowdfunding/crowdlending arrangements)

Réseau Entreprendre honour-loans

Interest-free, collateral-free
Repayable over 5 years


Réseau Entreprendre honour-loans are often arranged upstream of the project with banks and other financial backers, as participative funding. It has a major springboard effect and other financial backers see them as a sign of trust and confidence.

Réseau Entreprendre has been a decisive help in financing through honour-loans as well by exerting leverage on banks. Being a Réseau Entreprendre Laureat has been great collateral

Mickaël Aubertin, creator of Good Goût member of Réseau Entreprendre Paris

The springboard effect of Réseau Entreprendre honour loans

Every €1 loaned by Réseau Entreprendre triggers €13 in financing from other players

The average Réseau Entreprendre honour-loan granted in 2016 was €22,400.

Want to benefit from a Réseau Entreprendre honour-loan?


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