Réseau Entreprendre, 30 years of entrepreneurial mentoring

Entrepreneurs say this out loud: You need help when starting up, boosting and developing a business

Working with others breaks you out of your isolation, lets you talk about your project, identify business opportunities, build up contacts, and open up financing opportunities.

Providing support from business heads is in the very DNA of Réseau Entreprendre. It has a network of 7,000 entrepreneurs offering personal, ongoing mentoring to startups and takeovers.

Mentoring is a success factor. For proof, look no further than longstanding businesses such as O2, Michel & Augustin, My Little Paris, and Sushi Daily, just some of the 10,000 “Laureats” who have benefited from Réseau Entreprendre mentoring since its founding.

Réseau Entreprendre mentoring 100% entrepreneurs

Working together
Working together
Advice, experience sharing, and training to run the business day-to-day
Honour loans to support your financing plan
Local, national and international networking


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Project Owner: the selection stages to obtain Réseau Entreprendre support

You need to pass several selection stages to become a “Réseau Entreprendre Laureat” and be mentored by the network:

Stage 1: Shortlisting of your project and initial discussions

With full confidentiality, the Réseau Entreprendre association in your region reviews the merits of your project, based on the application submitted by the project owner (explaining his/her personal reasons, along with a CV, a project summary, the concept, the market, and the financial challenges).

Stage 2: Meeting with your association and personal advice to ensure your project is secure .

A project officer or the director of the Réseau Entreprendre association in your region welcomes you and explains the association’s values and the human and financial support it provides.

Before it is submitted to the Commitments Committee, made of entrepreneurs in your region and members of Réseau Entreprendre, advise you on consolidating and strengthening your proposal.

Depending on how far your proposal has progressed, this takes a further 2 to 6 months work before your proposal can be submitted to the Commitments Committee.

Stage 3 : Commitments Committee

The Commitments Committee consists of 10 entrepreneurs who will review person-to-project suitability, its realistic chances for success, the project goals, and the desire to incorporate Réseau Entreprendre resources.

The project owner delivers a pitch to the Commitments Committee. This is the Committee that will have to unanimously approve the decision to support your project. If successful, you become a “Réseau Entreprendre Laureat” (meaning you meaning you’ll be given a mentor to help your find the right solutions, obtain honour-loans, and have a signed agreement).

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