Booster, to turn your structuring projects into successful reality

Want to develop your business with structuring projects for your firm? Out to conquer new markets? Identified major development opportunities for your business?

Réseau Entreprendre offers you the Booster programme

The Booster Programme

A coaching based on prioritised development projects

Collegial and one to one support, as required, by 2 to 3 business heads, on a quarterly basis, for 2 years

A €30-90K honour-loan, interest-free and collateral-free (conditions may differ depending on your country)

Local, national and international networking (a network of 14,000 business

The selection criteria for joining Booster

You have more than 10 employees

The benefits of the Booster programme

Boost your business development
Theme-based support (product/services development, win new markets and regions, strengthen your production capacity)

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