Since 2004, Réseaux Entreprendre develops a national program of support for the social entrepreneurs, an “Otherwise program”.

Anchored in the historic values of Réseau Entreprendre, the social entrepreneurship is a way to promote an entrepreneurial diversity in the population of the company directors. The Autrement Entreprendre program attempts nevertheless to rest creators and buyers of company in our target with two priorities:

  • The job creation, in particular for people who are most taken away from it (insertion, disability).
  • A social strong impact, in particular towards the target populations, first the most fragile and most deprived.

I want to be social entrepreneur : can what bring me Réseau Entreprendre ?

As every entrepreneur, Réseau Entreprendre will make for you benefit from a support, Personalized and long-term, by an experimented business manager and a financing in the form of loan of honor from 15.000 to 50.000 €. You will also be in touch with other creators and buyers to exchange on your problems. Finally Réseau Entreprendre can share you of its local area network, national and international of business managers, ready to help you, as well as of a particular animation of the community of the accompanied social entrepreneurs.

How do i proceed

If you have a corporate development plan social and if you are in the target of Reseau Entreprendre(Consult our selection criteria), Contact your local association to speak about your project in any confidentiality with business managers and benefit from his network of local partners invested in the field of the social entrepreneurship. Your association can put in touch you, if necessary, with a specialist of the social entrepreneurship. As soon as your project will be mature for you and reliable for the association, you will appear at a committee of commitment to request the support and the loan of honor of Réseau Entreprendre.