Réseau Entreprendre supports innovative entrepreneurs and startups

Is your product or service innovative?
Are you developing a patentable technology?
Do you have an innovative business model?
Do you have a major R&D strategy for your startup?

Join the Réseau Entreprendre community of innovative entrepreneurs

Networking is one of the key support components offered by Réseau Entreprendre. By joining Réseau Entreprendre, you have access to more then 3,000 entrepreneurs, startup-ers and developers of innovative firms, ready to share their insights into your specific problems in creating and developing an innovative business.

As an innovative company, you will have access to:

all Réseau Entreprendre financing (conditions may differ depending on your country)

Startup (€15-€50K), or Booster (€30-€90K) Honour-Loans
€100-€300K Ambition enterprise loans

additional financing* to double your honour-loan

National Innovation Funds
Regional Innovation Funds

You will also have access to all Réseau Entreprendre services: personal mentoring by a business head, collective support with other entrepreneurs, financing, and networking.

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