Enter a community 100% entrepreneurs

Réseau Entreprendre was created by entrepreneurs wanting to boost their regional economies. And it is still, today, these volunteering business heads and partners who are contributing their skills, energy and financial backing to help new entrepreneurs succeed.

Réseau Entreprendre is a large international community united by values. By supporting our events, our sponsors enjoy and share unique, energy-packed opportunities for conviviality.

Tailored actions for our sponsors



Tailored actions for our sponsors

Réseau Entreprendre offers its sponsors specifically tailored actions to grow business (sponsoring events, organising competitions, presenting commercial offers…).

Come with us to launch startups to success

Expose your teams to the real meaning of entrepreneurship and give your managers new challenges

Boost your creativity and innovation

Swap ideas with Réseau Entreprendre entrepreneurs and business heads to create or co-build your solutions. Meet innovative entrepreneurs who will break boundaries and forge tomorrow’s world.

Show your support for regional economic development and job creation

Support our events to enjoy and share unique, energy-packed opportunities for conviviality

Support ambitious projects

Contribute to the expertise and power of Réseau Entreprendre support projects (female entrepreneurship, business growth, startups by seniors, health of SME business heads, training for young entrepreneurs, etc).

Participate in the internationalisation of Réseau Entreprendre

Support and participate in the launch of Réseau Entreprendre associations in new countries. Discover a community of entrepreneurs without borders

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