Réseau Entreprendre, the first mentoring association for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

Réseau Entreprendre’s mission is to contribute to job creation and the emergence of SMEs in our territories.

A network of 14,000 business heads
Over time
30 years of entrepreneurial history
More than 100,000 jobs created


Réseau Entreprendre started out in 1986 when André Mulliez, an industrialist based in northern France faced with massive layoffs at his company Phildar, launched this visionary, common sense motto: “To create jobs, let’s create employers.” ». His idea: give entrepreneurs with job-creation potential the tools for success by sharing the know-how and experience of active business leaders, through 1 to 1 support. The concept of entrepreneurial mentoring was born!

Réseau Entreprendre are thousands of success stories (Michel & Augustin, Envie de Fraise, 727Sailsbag, Guest to Guest, Sushi Daily, Géolid, My Little Paris, Good Goût, Mano Mano, OoGarden…)

Our values

Réseau Entreprendre activities are based on 3 inseparable fundamentals:

What’s important is the person

Avant la qualité du projet qu’elle porte, c’est la personne même, son potentiel à devenir entrepreneur, qui mobilise le soutien des chefs d’entreprise.

The principle is that it’s free

Free, so that entrepreneurs starting up or relaunching a business can devote all their resources to their project. And freely given by business heads as corporate citizens with no vested interests.

The spirit is reciprocity

Beneficiaries are asked to give tomorrow to others what they received today, thereby forging a chain of mutual assistance (link to www.reseau-entreprendre.org/entrepreneur/entraide/ ) among entrepreneurs.

The volunteer members of Réseau Entreprendre adhere to these powerful values and form a solidarity network in the service of job creation. They firmly believe that job creation is inseparable from entrepreneurial success, which is why they contribute their time, resources and expertise.


Our action

We are a group who help new business managers with methods of Réseau Entreprendre

This involves a requirement of professionalism and efficiency in the action, an ambition for every association, a responsible and entrepreneurial attitude.