Commitment at Réseau Entreprendre: how does it work?

With 14,000 business leader members, Réseau Entreprendre helps create 1,500 new businesses every year. From humble beginnings to international expansion, our members empower new entrepreneurs to succeed and help them commit to their community.

Get behind your community, join Réseau Entreprendre and help promote tomorrow’s entrepreneurship.

Are you a business leader looking to pass on your experience?

Right across France and in 9 other countries, a Réseau Entreprendre association provides you with certified methods and quality tools to mentor new business leaders towards success, support your peers and contribute to job creation in your community.

With Réseau Entreprendre, you can adapt your commitment to fit your busy schedule, while also strengthening your knowledge and skills as a business leader through our “Business-leader mentor by RE” certification. Check out our personalized members’ processes.

Discover our members’ processes in video :

Vidéo s'engager 'Parcours membres'

Being a member gives you the chance to share your experience with other business leaders and challenge your own methods, because at Réseau Entreprendre: “We share, challenge and empower each other”.

Can’t wait to get involved and help other entrepreneurs succeed? There are 3 paths you can take:

  • Mentor and promote project leaders’ development

    Taking part in the engagement committee is all about challenging project owners, based on certified methods that will help them strengthen their business idea.
    As an active member of your local association, you will work alongside all the laureates as well as your peers.
    You can also opt to become an “individual business-leader mentor” over 2 years to guide a new “laureate” and help them reach their full potential as a business leader.

  • Participate in the running and operation of your local association

    By being involved in working groups, operational assignments and business mentoring processes, you’ll play an active role in the association’s activity and help foster a culture of cooperation.
    Being a member of Réseau Entreprendre means joining our 14,000-strong community of responsible and supportive business leaders. And, just like you, they are all committed to their region as well as to tackling tomorrow’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

Mentor new entrepreneurs to help them thrive and create jobs in your community.

Take part in the association’s activity and help foster a culture of cooperation.

Do you want to make a commitment to help new entrepreneurs succeed?