Committed entrepreneurs are central to the Réseau Entreprendre model

Want to work alongside entrepreneurs in your region? Want to share your experience with new entrepreneurs?
Join Réseau Entreprendre

Locate your local associationand meet the entrepreneurs in your region
Share the Réseau Entreprendre spiritand join a convivial, caring network
Donate your time
and participate in whatever way you can, to support new entrepreneurs

and participate in financing your Réseau Entreprendre association
Réseau Entreprendre


By becoming a member of Réseau Entreprendre you have access to our events, our internal social network, and our training opportunities.

You participate freely, only to the extent you can: you may want to sit on a Commitments Committee to assess an entrepreneur’s application, monitor laureates over time to support their success, help an applicant develop their proposal, etc.

A network of 100% business heads

In keeping with our desire to restrict membership to business heads, our association is funded solely by its members. A membership fee is required to join Réseau Entreprendre. With its mutually supportive entrepreneurs, Réseau Entreprendre is a real “borderless” solidarity community!

How to join?

Contact your local association and meet the entrepreneurs in your region

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