Thanks to our members’ commitment, we are able to mentor new entrepreneurs as they develop their business plan. We provide them with the financing best suited to their needs and give them access to a whole network of economic and social players to accelerate their project’s development. Some of our entrepreneurs have been with us for a few months, others for many years. But they all have one thing in common: they trust us.And that’s because our network knows what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur and knows how to bring business-minded people together. The ongoing public health crisis has had an impact on all of us, but we have not suspended any of our activities (business mentoring, loans of honour, etc.). In fact, we are even creating new ones (videoconferences, banking intermediation, preparation for the post-Covid recovery), while reducing our operating costs to a minimum. And, today more than ever, we want to harness all the best talents and all those willing to contribute what they can:

Becoming a Réseau Entreprendre member means playing your part in creating new jobs in your community and helping foster a robust and efficient ecosystem.

By joining Réseau Entreprendre, you’ll be trained to become a business-leader mentor, as well as being given the chance to grow and pass on all your expertise. Your commitment can take different forms depending on your busy schedule and how much time you are able to set aside. You will also gain “Business-leader mentor by RE” certification!

Vidéo Parcours Devenir Membre Réseau Entreprendre®

Réseau Entreprendre, where commitment counts!

Joining a network like ours gives you the chance to put your energy and skills to work for a worthy cause: job creation.

It’s about both taking part in the life of a tight-knit, values-driven community and sharing in the experience of a remarkable spirit of solidarity and togetherness. The numerous events organized throughout the year are a great way to meet and interact with local business leaders as well as our entire international community.


Being a part of Réseau Entreprendre means embracing our positive vision of the role of business leaders and our shared goal of contributing to economic development everywhere.

Thanks to our strong local presence, our members are highly involved in their ecosystems and are able to build outstanding relationships based on trust.

They play their part in and foster a robust and reliable ecosystem of committed and responsible business leaders, capable of providing concrete, long-term solutions to tomorrow’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

And we need your help in order to ensure tomorrow’s businesses are able to grow and reach their full potential. Get behind your community and join Réseau Entreprendre. Together, let’s get entrepreneurship working for our regions.

Get involved in your community, with Réseau Entreprendre!

To help new entrepreneurs on the road to success / To support job creation / To show your commitment to your community and make it even stronger / To keep the current crisis at a safe distance / To work with others and take action alongside inspiring business leaders.