Our entrepreneurs need mentoring and support to reach their full potential and succeed.

To successfully accomplish our public interest mission, we are supported by numerous partners, both public and private, who are all deeply committed to ensuring the success of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. This robust and diverse ecosystem ensures that here at Réseau Entreprendre® we can meet their needs as effectively as possible, while continuing to strengthen our local presence.

As a partner, you have an absolutely key role to play in supporting SMEs and mid-size companies whose activities boost local communities and promote economic growth, both in France and abroad.

Become a partner and contribute to job creation

Why should you work with us?

By becoming a Réseau Entreprendre® partner:

  • You are supporting the creation of sustainable employment in our communities.
  • You are directly associating your image with the life of our communities.
  • You are supporting the creation and growth of responsible businesses, that respect the UN’s sustainable development goals (social, environment, gender equality, etc.).
  • You are promoting the values of sharing and generosity.

By supporting Réseau Entreprendre®


A dual objective:

The Federation centralises and manages the Réseau Entreprendre®’s information system

  • Supporting the creation and development of businesses in France ​
  • Contributing to the creation of sustainable and private employment in our country

How ?

  • By contributing to our loan funds to finance businesses. 
  • By supporting our programmes promoting “Made in France” (creation, takeover, growth, etc.)
  • By promoting local businesses

One objective:

  • To face the challenge of the ecological and societal transition in SMEs

How ?

  • By contributing to our loan funds to finance businesses in the field of ecological transition and diversity
  • By supporting the development of our Impact programme (new tools, deployment in France)

One objective:

  • Encouraging woman to establish SMEs and contributing to gender equality in professional environments

How ?

  • By contributing to our loan funds to finance businesses established by women
  • By supporting our Wom’energy program

Several objectives:

  • Contributing to the creation of jobs by encouraging the establishment and development of businesses in your community
  • Boosting the revitalisation funds
  • Supporting your employees that wish to set up their own business
  • Recognised experience: Total, Air France, Oracle, Société Générale, etc…

Their support helps us mentor,
futur companies towards success