Do you have a project with job creation potential? Then come join the adventure!

Réseau Entreprendre® supports all entrepreneurs starting or taking over a business and looking to promote job creation in their community, develop their activity and help foster a dynamic local ecosystem.

Starting your business or taking over a company? Or are you a startupper, social entrepreneur or young person from a disadvantaged neighbourhood? We pass on the know-how of experienced and successful business leaders through constructive and inspiring peer-to-peer interaction.

Looking to start or take over a business? We support you at every stage of your project.

Were you born to be a business person? Is your mind brimming with entrepreneurial ideas? Are you looking to start or take over a business but don’t know where to begin?

Right across France and in 9 other countries, a Réseau Entreprendre® association is there to support you and help make a resounding success of your new business or business acquisition!

Here are the key steps to help you bring your project to life:

  • To kick things off, an initial meeting with experienced and passionate business leaders from your region will give you the key tools to ensure starting or taking over your business goes seamlessly.

  • The next step is the presentation of your project to the engagement committee. If the jury agrees unanimously to support you, you then become a Réseau Entreprendre® Laureate! This means you benefit from a real financial springboard thanks to our loan of honour, as well as 3 years of peer-to-peer business mentoring from one of our members, an experienced business leader.

  • Finally, thanks to monthly meetings with your business-leader mentor, you’ll be able to realize your full leadership potential. This will enable you to develop your business using the right tools while making the right decisions.

  • You’ll also get to take part in the Laureates’ Clubs, which are a great way for new business leaders to help and learn from each other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

  • During our Laureates’ Parties, you’ll have the chance to present your business to your region’s economic ecosystem and increase your visibility with both investors and partners.

In short, being a Réseau Entreprendre® laureate means joining our 14,000-strong community of responsible and supportive business leaders. And, just like you, they are all committed to their region as well as to tackling tomorrow’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

Our mentoring processes

Through our three targeted mentoring processes and interactions with our business-leader mentor members, we provide you with a range of business methods (management, administration, business development, access to financing). We also give you everything you need to rise successfully to the challenges you face and overcome your fears.

Our tailor-made mentoring helps you bring your project to life.


Unleash and strengthen your talents as a business



Build on your development and make it a resounding success



Accelerate your business growth and ensure your long-term success


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