Thanks to our history, our optimum size and our local presence, we are perfectly positioned to support initiatives with a positive impact. We inspire and raise awareness among all our entrepreneurs and business leaders regarding social and environmental commitment to promote job creation and the common good. Réseau Entreprendre strives to bring together both social and mainstream entrepreneurs and help them work towards a common goal. We encourage sharing of best practices to ensure that profitability and the search for social justice go hand in hand.

At Réseau Entreprendre, we get everyone on board!

By 2025, we want all Réseau Entreprendre entrepreneurs to be fully equipped to succeed in our rapidly changing world, so that we can all move forward together on the road to greater impact. Réseau Entreprendre’s Impact mentoring is a real progress driver!

We want to lead our community to a brighter future by:

  • Taking care of our employees and human ecosystems

  • Reflecting on our social, societal and environmental impact and adjusting it where necessary

  • Changing our behaviour towards a planet that we must protect and pass on to future generations

  • Adapting our behaviour to consume responsibly and use resources carefully

whether impact entrepreneurship is: :

A total mystery to you

Something you’ve vaguely heard of

Or whether you’re already an impact champion

Réseau Entreprendre is there to provide you with adapted solutions and up-to-date tools at every step, to help you progress in our rapidly changing world.

Réseau Entreprendre’s 3-step Impact programme

One day”, goes the legend, “there was a huge forest fire. All the animals were terrified and stunned, and watched helplessly as the disaster unfolded. Only the little hummingbird got busy, fetching a few drops of water with its beak to throw on the fire. After a while, the armadillo, irritated by this absurd attempt to quell the flames, said to him: “Hummingbird! Are you crazy? You’ll never put out the fire with those little drops of water”. And the hummingbird replied: “I know that, but I’m doing my bit”.”

Pierre Rhabi

The IMPACT programme by Réseau Entreprendre is a progression plan for businesses, helping them work towards achieving a more positive social and environmental impact. It aims to raise awareness of a rapidly changing world with all entrepreneurs.


For Réseau Entreprendre, impact is an inclusive criterion, and a progress driver: the key is the candidate’s commitment to progressing at their own pace.

We have designed a 3-step progression programme with all the key tools to help our laureates and members grow and progress in terms of their impact:

Take care of a changing world