Having experienced business heads to walk you through it has made all the difference

Four years ago, Luc founded PK Paris, a startup specialising in connected things, premium storage, and wireless audio. He is currently working on a smartwatch for managing blood sugar levels. His project was crowned with success at CES 2017. The story of a success story.

Did Réseau Entreprendre happen by chance? How did you get involved with Réseau Entreprendre 94 ?


A startup-er friend of mine who belonged to several support networks told me about Réseau Entreprendre and recommended it to me specifically because it consists of business heads. At Réseau Entreprendre 94, I met Stephane, the association’s director at the time. His very human approach, and palpable expertise, convinced me immediately.

Did you have things you were certain about when you started-up, that you had to change your mind about? or not?

I was certain about a lot of things when I stated-up PK Paris, particularly the direction it should take. I had chosen premium storage and smart usb sticks as my first business line. But I was soon faced with the highly complicated and competitive world of Flash. Coming from Silicon Valley, I had long had in mind going for connected things, but it was my Réseau Entreprendre coach who advised me to make the detour much earlier than I had intended. Which is what allowed us to launch the smartwatch and go to CES.


” You have to learn to seize opportunities, which is what my contact with Réseau Entreprendre and supporter allowed me to become good at “

What advice would you give to a project owner ?

Your first port of call should be Réseau Entreprendre! It’s advice that I’ve often given.

To launch yourself into an entrepreneurial adventure you have to be a fighter, you never know if it will work, you’re often facing problems alone that are complicated to share with your family. You need to know how to surround yourself with the right people. You may hear lots of advice but don’t know what to make of it. Having experienced business heads to walk you through it has made all the difference.

What are you most proud of ?

I’m most proud about having gone to CES in Las Vegas and having won a “Best-Of” award for our connected watch, which measures blood sugar in real time, and will change the lives of 400 million diabetics. Of the 5,000 exhibitors, the 30 best startups won awards, and only 2 French companies have won this prize in the past 5 years. This prize confirms that we’re on the right track and has allowed us to test the market.