[re-quote] An inspired, motivated and purpose-driven community [/re-quote]

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How did you benefit from being a laureate of Réseau Entreprendre?

Firstly, as a laureate at Réseau Entreprendre Paris, I became a part of a family of entrepreneurs – the horizontal network is, without a doubt, the most valuable! I also enjoyed my conversations with other business leaders in the entrepreneur clubs. Overall, being a laureate made me feel that I was part of a community of inspired, motivated and purpose-driven professionals.

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What made you decide to become a member of the Réseau Entreprendre Paris board of directors?

I gained a lot from my experience, so I didn’t see why I shouldn’t give back to the community as well. In addition to this, all of these entrepreneurs had become a part of my day-to-day life, and I wanted to continue to work with the organization. It’s exciting to go from being a laureate to being on the board of directors, and to able to help determine the organization’s path, as society is always changing and new issues are always arising. Réseau Entreprendre continues to be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, so the organization must continue to offer new solutions and adapt constantly to this ever-changing environment. It’s a place to find answers to your questions, as well as answers to questions that you haven’t yet thought of.

[/re-column][/re-row] [re-row class=”pt-20″][re-column lg=12 md=12 sm=12] What message would you like to send to women entrepreneurs?

I would like to send a message to women entrepreneurs who are asking themselves if they should contact Réseau Entreprendre or not : No need to keep wondering, you’ll find answers to your questions here, as well as answers to questions that you haven’t yet thought of.