Réseau Entreprendre, was it a coincidence? How did you get in touch?

We met a Réseau Entreprendre Paris programme manager at an ESCP alumni evening. He explained what Réseau Entreprendre was all about, a network FOR and BY entrepreneurs. This allowed us to meet a variety of business heads and to expand our horizons. Committed as we were to our business line, we didn’t want it to be a constraint. We found the values and mindset of the Réseau really appealing, it was in no way forced, and imposed no obligations except to give back when we could in return.

Did you have things you were certain about when you started-up, that you had to change your mind about? or not?

As young entrepreneurs, we were certain about everything and nothing at the same time. We were absolutely convinced that what we were developing was exceptional. But nothing that we did worked right from the outset. Only one thing was certain: that we wanted to build our business: we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, we just had to build the track to get there.

What advice would you give to a project owner?

Being a young entrepreneur is an advantage, as you see no limits, you just want to get things done fast, and you’re creative. But, conversely, you have no guidance, you lack experience. Knowing how to surround ourselves with the right people was crucial. You need the guts to knock on doors, and if the door is shut, go in through the window. Which is what we did by going to see Margaret Milan, founder of Eveil et Jeux, who was our first supporter.

Knowing how to surround ourselves with the right people was crucial.

What are you most proud of ?

We are extremely proud of the universe we have created around Pandacraft. All our customers, employees, shareholders, and supporters are delighted to be part of this adventure. It’s what we’re most proud of! Pandacraft creates content, and we are now hot on the heels of majors like Hachette and Bayard.