During the Extraordinary General Meeting of June 8th, the Federations Réseau Entreprendre and Réseau Entreprendre International merged to form a large network of humanist entrepreneurs without borders.

It is therefore today in 10 countries that Réseau Entreprendre is established and maintains its unique model: an accompaniment by volunteer entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with strong job creation potential.

Gérard Leseur, President of Réseau Entreprendre, wished and built this new unified federation: “Our mission is to bring confidence and success to those who create the SMEs of tomorrow, the jobs of tomorrow, without borders. We are pleased to merge today with our international friends to spread our model around the world.

We will strengthen our collaborations between French and international associations so that all the entrepreneurs of our community can seize the opportunities offered by the international. Becoming a large international network must allow us to be more creative, innovative and agile. By sharing our good practices and our energies, we can serve our cause ever more effectively: the creation of jobs in the territories!

The brand, methods, values ​​and mission of Réseau Entreprendre – that of making SMEs emerge, future employers in all territories – are shared by the international associations that now join Réseau Entreprendre; They are located in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, Chile and Senegal.