« Entrepreneurs: the new tightrope walkers. Transform without losing your soul », this is the theme of the conference given by Stéphane Mallard, author of ‘Disruption’, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary evening of Réseau Entreprendre Occitanie Garonne, on December 7th, in Toulouse. 

« The paradigm in which we are entering with new technologies forces us to change our state of mind and our ways of understanding work and business in the broad sense », explained this young entrepreneur specializing in digital transformation. 


For him, the new world will be one of exceptional experience, fluidity and ease. To prepare for this, entrepreneurs will have to adopt the methods and techniques of the Internet giants, which are effective, but counter-intuitive at first sight. « You entrepreneurs are already in a world of flexibility, and you are one step ahead. 

But to use these methods successfully, you will have to learn to think against yourselves, underlined the speaker, addressing an audience of 300 people made up of laureates, members, partners or prospects of the association. Everyone must work on their ability to make their own revolution, this is the key to the world of tomorrow! » Resolutely disruptive remarks which did not fail to move the lines during this evening placed under the sign of audacity!