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Joining Réseau Entreprendre’s community of business leaders gives you the chance to fulfill your leadership potential, help create jobs and play an active role in your local area. It’s the ideal opportunity to share your experience and pass on your expertise!

You’ll meet caring, committed people as well as benefiting from our amazing family spirit. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between our people-focused values and our actions firmly rooted in local communities.

Here at Réseau Entreprendre, we believe entrepreneurship is first and foremost about people. It’s not something you can learn at school. Solidarity and helping each other out are vital to success!

Being a business leader isn’t always plain sailing and can be full of ups and downs. But that only motivates us even more and inspires us to go a step further!

Our entrepreneurs strive to share and pass on their experiences, for the benefit of upcoming business leaders. When all is said and done, the success of our network is based on our values, our entrepreneurs’ commitment, trust and our strong community spirit.

Here at Réseau Entreprendre, we welcome your expertise, knowledge and experience as a business leader with open arms. You’ll meet plenty of people looking for your help to move their projects forward. And through interactions with other business leaders, Réseau Entreprendre gives you the opportunity to step outside the boundaries of your own world and contribute to a wider, deeply meaningful project.

Feel like you’ve fulfilled your business project and now looking for a new challenge? Join Réseau Entreprendre to enhance your expertise as a business leader.

Looking to try something new? Join us to discover extraordinary projects, and committed, dedicated men and women. Réseau Entreprendre will boost your energy and your enthusiasm!

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