On November 21, Réseau Entreprendre announced the launch of their Impact project, which aims to highlight the social and environmental dimensions of entrepreneurship, through all of the network’s activities and at every step of the mentorship process. To do this, Réseau Entreprendre is developing new initiatives to support the many different types of social entrepreneurship. Several local Réseau Entreprendre associations are already setting goals for this project, including Réseau Entreprendre Paris, who is looking to have social entrepreneurs make up 20% of their laureate group.

Réseau Entreprendre is seeking to foster a collective vision, throughout their entire community, of future-oriented entrepreneurship that aims for a positive social and environmental impact.

Take a look at these projects by Frédéric Bardeau (founder of Simplon), Gaële Regnault (founder of Learn Enjoy), Rémi Roux (co-founder of the co-operative Ethiquable), Chantal Mainguene (founder of Mom’Artre) and Matthieu Grosset (Groupe Coopératif Demain), laureates and members of Réseau Entreprendre:


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